How To Add Facebook Link On Instagram Bio 2023

Learning how to add Facebook link on Instagram bio is important to participate in the ongoing trend of connecting two social media accounts. You can add the link of your Facebook account to your Instagram bio to divert your Insta followers on Facebook.

Adding a Facebook link to your Instagram account allows you to link both of the apps and provides your followers with the methods to get in touch with you on both social media platforms. If you own a business, even then it is also beneficial, as you get potential customers from Instagram too.

Thus, learning how to add Facebook link on Instagram bio is highly significant whether you have a personal profile or a business account. It gets you more followers in the former case while it brings you more customers in the latter.

How to add Facebook Link on Instagram bio:

So, in order to know how to add Facebook link on Instagram bio. It is important to first get your Facebook profile link copied to your clipboard. For that, follow these simple steps:

#1: Copy Your Facebook Profile Link

  • Open your Facebook app and log in to your account
  • Navigate to your Facebook profile from the shortcut bar
  • Tap three dots under your profile name
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can see a copy link option
  • Tap it and your account link has been copied to your clipboard
step 1 of how to add Facebook link on Instagram bio
step 2 to copy your facebook link
copy facebook link to add on instagram bio

In this way, you have copied the link to your Facebook profile. You can put this link on other platforms other than Instagram also. It will help your targeted audience connect with you on Facebook with a single click.

Now that you have copied the link to your Facebook profile you are qualified to learn how to add a Facebook link on Instagram. Go through the following section.

#2: How to add Your Facebook Link To Instagram Bio:

You have learned the method of getting your Facebook link in the above sections and now pasting that link to your Instagram bio is just a few steps away.

You can simply add the link which you have copied in your Instagram bio with the following simple steps given below:

  • Open your Instagram app and log in to your Instagram account from your mobile.
  • Tap on the profile photo of your account in the bottom right corner
  • Now, navigate to the edit profile option and tap it
  • Look for the website field in the appearing options and tap it
  • Long press this field and click paste when the option appears. Your Facebook link will be pasted.
  • Tap tick in the top right corner, save changes! Congrats you have done it.

Also, Learn how to add a vsco link to Instagram bio.

In this way, you have easily added the link of your Facebook account to your Instagram bio and you have increased the chances of getting the following advantages:

  • Connecting with more people on Facebook from Instagram
  • Getting newer potential customers if you have a business account
  • Getting in touch with your Instagram audience on a different platform
  • Diverting your Instagram traffic to your Facebook profile
  • Helping yourself in self-advertising
  • Showcasing your activities to your Instagram followers on Facebook

Undoubtedly, connecting your Facebook account with Instagram will give you a number of advantages. Facebook is a popular social media app that allows its users to connect with people on it. But if you want to get connected with people outside the Facebook, for example on Instagram, by inviting them to your profile on Facebook. The Facebook app has a provision for that too; you just need to copy the link to your Facebook profile.


Yes, indeed. You can easily swap from within the Facebook app to Instagram. It can be done by integrating both accounts from the settings or through the Facebook business suite. It will automatically link both of your accounts.

If both of your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked then it is possible for you to cross-post between your Instagram account and Facebook account. With every post generally both the apps ask you whether you want to share the post on Facebook or Instagram or both.

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