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Facebook Bio Quotes About Life

  • “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Believe in yourself; you can do everything
  • “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney
  • You can do it if you work with a “discipline”
  • Discipline and attitude are everything. Once you make these qualities part of your life, you would be able to live your dreams
  • I am not born to impress everyone. If you do not like whatever I do or say, keep it up!
  • Sometimes, I just feel sorry for the people who judge me without even completely knowing me
"a man is but what he knows" quote
  • Your opinions about me are sort of a headache. And this headache completely belongs to you!
  • Simplicity is the best attire that a person can ever wear.
  • I am not ashamed of committing mistakes for this is what makes me a human being.
  • I am not a perfect person but I try to achieve as much perfection as possible.
  • Keep your mind fresher and cool so that its working mechanism is not disturbed

Best Fb Bio Quotes

  • “A man is but what he knows.” ‘Sir Francis Bacon’
  • Life is too short yet too beautiful
  • “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin
mother teresa quote for facebook bio

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  • Life is all about twists and turns. You have to adjust to these twists and turns to keep life going
  • The ultimate end of life is to be happy and avoid misery
  • Living a happy life requires attaching your life to a goal or an end rather than to individuals or things
  • A good and healthy life can bring you money but ironically money cannot buy you a good and healthy life
  • Living and facing all the challenges that life has imposed on me with an honor
  • It does not matter how long your life is, rather what matters the most is how best your life has been.
  • One of the qualities that make what life exactly is “unpredictability.” If you could predict everything, life would cease to exist.
  • Life bared of challenges is a life without any flavor.
  • Life will go on. You just need to join its pace and go with the flow
quote text written with a lake in the background

Best Quotes For Facebook Profile Bio

  • “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Teresa
  • “You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman.” Mary elizabeth winstead
  • You do not need to tell me who I am. I know I am handsome and Smart.
  • I have taken premature retirement from my mental faculties.
  • I will be notified by the Facebook community about your visit on my profile!
  • Sometimes, it just requires all day to not do anything all day!
  • I just wish I could return to my childhood and be free of any worldly affairs and responsibilities
  • I have faced so much disappointment that I should be given an honorary Ph.D. in it
  • I love Black that is why every person that I meet has a black heart
  • Whenever I feel sad, I just sing and dance, and the sadness gets pushed away
  • The great irony of social media is that people, in reality, are different from what they actually show themselves here
  • I love enjoying my dreams; therefore, I sleep all the time!
  • Live with the hope that everything will just be fine and you will live your dreams
facebook bio quotes for girls and a butterfly in background

Facebook Bio Quotes For Girl

  • “You don’t have play msculine to be a strong woman” Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • “Above all be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Nora Ephron
  • Do not be in a misunderstanding that I am a girl that you can handle
  • I love simplicity. I am not a type of an attitude girl
  • I am so excited to meet with new people as long as they do not ask me to talk with them
  • If you do not know manners and respect; Your place will be in my blocklist rather than in the friend list
  • People have two types of Brain: right and left. But I only have one and that is right!
  • I am not shy but I am hiding my smartness and awesomeness so that you are not intimidated by them
  • I know I am rude and I know I am weird. So what?
  • If I accept your friend request that does not mean that I like you and I have given you a green signal to my chat box!
  • I do not know when and why I got to be here but anyways I have done awesome things that become the reason for being here
  • I am a stubborn girl. And I do not care whether you are okay with it or not.
  • Most people spend their lives either living in the past or thinking all about the future;

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quote of benjamin franklin for facebook bio

Best Short Bio Quotes For Facebook Profile

  • Being awesome and trying to be cool because my hotness might steal your heart
  • In order to tell others about your life, you must live it fully!
  • Life is not a problem to be solved it is a misery to be experienced
  • We all live in our self-created illusions!
  • I am not the early bird but a late-night owl
  • Things will get better have faith.
  • Hope is a good thing, but once it is broken, it becomes the worst
  • I am so annoying; I am so rude; I am so weird; Please do not send me a friend request, as I damn care!
  • I am just busy being awesome and being handsome
  • Don’t compromise your dreams by adjusting to the opinions of people
  • We spend half of life adjusting ourselves according to the demands of the people
facebook bio quotes text with a mobile and a laptop

Savage Facebook Bio Quotes

  • I do not need others; I am enough for myself
  • Warning: I have 100% attitude and I am aware of where to and how to use it.
  • They were saying something about me, but they don’t know that I don’t give a damn what they say!
  • Try a hundred times but you cannot change my stubbornness
  • I do not confront anyone but if confrontation is imposed upon me, I will not step back
  • A wise person advised me never to argue with fools and I replied that everyone around me is a fool to me. And he said, never argue with anyone!
  • I am naturally savage so mind what you say to me!
  • I am not going to change what you say; So, never waste your words and your time
  • If you do not like me, I do not care. Because I know the problem lies in your taste, not in me!
  • If you think you are a wise and intelligent person, you are a fool!
walt disney quote for facebook bio

Good Facebook Bio Quotes

  • I don’t take life seriously because I know it will further deteriorate the problems
  • Do not settle yourself with the things that you have gotten. Instead, work hard for more
  • I do not put a full stop to my goals. Once I achieve my one goal, I strive for another.
  • Embrace the criticisms and like the taunts; they will make you a stronger person
  • Living each and every second of my life without any hesitation and doubts
  • Only when you live your life in its true sense that you will realize that it was just a succession of lessons and nothing else
  • You know what, the healthiest and the most beautiful response to your challenging life is joy
  • One day you will find out the fact that pretending to be an adult is exhausting. So, be the real you
  • People keep spreading rumors about me without knowing that they are making me famous
  • I am not lazy; I do not procrastinate rather I just want to save the energy of my life’s battery
  • I am spending my life with a hope that one day every challenge will be gone and one day everything would be just the same as I have always wanted

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These are examples of good Facebook bio quotes that you can add to your bio
1) Life is too short yet too beautiful
2) If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade
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