55+ BTS Bio For Instagram – Best Quotes For BTS Army Bio

Having a BTS bio for Instagram has emerged as a new trend on social media. BTS, named after the south-Korean-based Bangtan Boys band, gives an outstanding impression to the audience. You’ll love these BTS Army Bio For Instagram given below.

If you are also looking for a BTS Army bio for Instagram, you have clicked on the right website. This blog will provide you with a number of BTS quotes for Instagram Bio.

Below are some of the sayings taken from the Bangtan Band which can be used as BTS bio for Instagram. You can simply copy any of the following BTS army Bios paste them into your own bio. That’s all!

BTS Army Bio for Instagram

Below are some of the outstanding and variety of quotations that can be used as BTS bio for Instagram.

  • “I’m like a surfer, first you just paddle and fall off the board but as time goes by you can stand up on the bigger waves.”
  • Life without passion and dreams is like death.
bts army bio for instagram

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  • Whenever you feel down or are sad just remember that a person in Seoul, S. Korea is here to care for you. (JIMIN)
  • Even if the rain stops, the clouds get disappear, and I stand still here.
  • “Popularity is a bubble. It’s a mountain: you can go up really hard but walk down really fast.” (RM)
  • Don’t be confined in others’ dreams; live in your own dreams.
  • “If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first”.
  • Choose your own path even if it is tough and thorny.
  • Live for a day but live like a lion.
  • Every great thing comes with a danger; defeat the danger and get what you want.
  • Life has many problems; indeed, it is sometimes tougher to go on. But, remember you are stronger to fight them all.

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BTS Quotes For Instagram Bio

  • Every time you face criticism or a taunt just reply to them very louder “SO WHAT”?
  • Once you decide then take action; Don’t step back just because of WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK!
  • Dream but don’t make dreaming your only purpose. Work on them.
  • The real victory is winning without having to fight.
  • “Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.” (JIN)
  • Don’t give a damn about little things save your energies and spend using them on bigger causes.
  • Break all the limitations and go beyond every boundary.
  • Find joy in each and every moment never be a prisoner of the past or the future!
  • Don’t wait for the miracles to come; make the miracles happen!
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • “If you can’t respect, don’t even open your mouth” -Kim Namjoon
  • Successful people are not gifted, their success is the result of their patience and hard work.
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BTS Army Bio for Instagram 2023

If you still haven’t found your favourite BTS army bio for Instagram then have a look at the below given BTS bio ideas to get your BTS bio for Instagram.

  • Life is the name of constant pain; those who accept this fact can succeed in everything.
  • Courage should come from within; don’t wait for someone to cheer you up.
  • “Live your Life. It is yours anyway. Don’t try too hard. It’s okay to lose. ― Bangtan Boys, Fire
  • Remember what KIM says that the real improvement is when there is no inferiority complex, not a victim mentality.
  • Go out at midnight, in stillness and talk to yourself, sing to yourself, tell stories to yourself.
  • Don’t look back except to see how far you have come.
  • Make your own self your best friend.
  • Don’t carry the weight of your thoughts; leave the worries behind and move ahead.
  • Kill your doubts and stay confident about your dreams.
  • Don’t fear the consequences, do what fits the best.
  • I have not succeeded yet but I have not failed either.
  • It’s okay to lose but you must give an attempt. It is okay to lose many times also
  • Those who feared got lost in distant places.
  • Never quiet and you will win the entire world and everything in it.
  • Translate your anger, frustration and sad feelings into work.

Instagram Bio For BTS Army

  • Whatever the circumstances may be whatever the people say focusing on the goals should not be diverted.
  • The purpose of life is to spend it with joy.
  • Real men have control of their thoughts; criticism can’t perturb their peace of mind.
  • I have started the journey and will surely reach my destination.
  • Teamwork has the potential to result in dream work.
  • Work alone but work in the right direction.
  • Don’t depend on people they are not going to be with you always.
  • The day you decided you can’t do it is the day you failed.
  • Results don’t decide the capability, but the struggle and the dedication does.
  • Peace is in loving one’s own self.
  • I am what I am and that’s all and enough.
  • I don’t need someone’s approval coz I know I am on the right path
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BTS Bio For Instagram

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  • Worries make us weaker; life is short spend it with courage. (BTS)
  • Be your own best friend ️
  • Life is too short to give a damn.
  • Making life more beautiful by not giving a damn what people think.
  • I have learned to live with pains, and I have become stronger than before.
  • Train yourself in such a way that there should be nothing that can disturb your peace of mind. ️
  • Love only one person and that’s yourself.
  • Rule the world, don’t let others rule you. Don’t do what people expect from you.
  • Yes, I am the worst! ANYTHING ELSE?
  • I don’t care about your opinions.
  • I do whatever I do; I am whatever I am!
  • Love or Contempt I don’t give a damn!

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